Healing Ministry

The Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church Healing Ministry is available monthly in the East Wing of the Church

  • first Saturdays after the 4 p.m. Mass.
  • last Sundays after the 8 a.m. Mass.
  • last Tuesdays during the 6 p.m. charismatic Praise & Worship in the Parish Life Center.

    Members of the Healing Ministry also assist at healing Masses in Barrington, Brentwood and Diamond Ridge health care centers. For the schedule of healing Masses at these centers or for other information about the Healing Ministry, call the parish office at 746-2144.

    Members of the Healing Ministry have a special calling (“gift” or “charism”) from the Holy Spirit, as described in the Gospels. The healing that comes through the Healing Ministry is not necessarily a cure—though it could easily be. Healing is wholeness, totality and harmony of body, mind and spirit united with the spirit of God. Healing could be instantaneous or it could be a gradual process in God’s way and in His time.

    People of the parish are encouraged to participate in the Healing Ministry whenever they want or need healing.