Growing in Your Faith — Adult Faith Education Opportunities

Catholic Home Study Service (CHSS
CHSS is sponsored by the Vincentian Community and the Missouri Knights of Columbus. It offers free correspondence courses (you can also submit answers and ask questions online) about the Catholic faith. You may take the courses alone or with friends or family members.Nine free courses, faithful to the teachings of the Spirit and the Church, are available, including A Catholic Guide to the Bible, which explains Catholic principles of interpreting the Bible and gives information about the historical background, author and literary style of each book.

Catholics Come Home (Not just for those who have been away!)
Go here for information on the topics below. Get short answers to questions that many people have about Church teaching plus links to longer comments and explanations
The Eucharist and the Mass
The Church and the Papacy
Mary and the Saints
The Priesthood
Scripture and Tradition
The Sacraments
The End Times and Last Things
Moral Issues
Online courses can be viewed and enjoyed for free!
Homework and testing leading to a certificate are available for a modest fee (average $10 to $30 per course)
Classes offered on:
The Second Vatican Council, Old Testament, New Testament, Church History, Christology, Sacraments, Liturgy, Morality, Social Doctrine, Spirituality, Ecclesiology and Pastoral Ministry.
Ignatian Spirituality is a disciplined way developed by St. Ignatius Loyola of looking at your life in terms of your relationship to God. To learn more about this way of praying and growing in your faith click here for introductory videos and more information.
This is the translation used during Mass in the United States.

In the middle you can select the book, chapter and verse that you wish from the Bible. Selecting the introducton to a book provides background on when and why that particular book was written. Footnotes at the end of each chapter help to explain the meaning of particular verses and point out related passages from other parts of the Bible.

On the left side, you can select information on understanding the Bible,studying the Bible, using the Bible to pray, Bible FAQs, the Catholic approach to Bible study, Bible translations, etc.

On the right side, you can click on the date on the calendar for reading for that particular day.

Note: Numbers in the table of contents and the index refer to pararaph numbers and not page numbers. In ths way, the numbers remain the same for everybdy, no matter whether they are reading the Catechnism of the Catholic Church online or in a hardback edition or in a paperback edition.When you select the online verson of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, you can scroll through the table of contents on the left side of the page no matter where you are in the Catechism.

There is an index and a wonderful glossary at the very end of the table of contents. The index is very helpful for locating information on a particular topic. The glossary explains many church words which are used nowhere else.